Tallit by Stephen Shaffer
Peasant Weaver



intuitive       transcendent        hovering      mothering     future nurturing     healing    womb       teshuvah

Completely good, sweet and holy, Binah represents the aspect of God that can take the undifferentiated seed, hold it in the womb as it gestates, and create a fully developed child. It surrounds, nurtures and creates. It helps us understand our basic essence and the laws of creation. Binah helps you gaze at the wholeness of reality and intuit its details and particulars. It connects and allows disparate parts to emerge as an integrated whole. It is both beyond time and space and yet allows us to touch a hint of God's universe. You can embody these qualities while wearing the green tallit ofBinah.

"Binah Yeteira", an extra measure of understanding. (Talmud)

"Binah is the river that flows from Eden."(Rav Kook)


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