Tallit by Stephen Shaffer
Peasant Weaver




Stephen has over 25 years experience in weaving and designing cloth. He learned to weave from Don Andreas Mateos, a Zapotec Indian in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaxa.

"Don Andreas taught me the techniques for combining the hand, the eye, the mind and the heart to create textiles for the people. Based on this philosophy, I wanted to create a tallit that is lovely to look at, wonderful to feel and contains the spirit of prayer within it."

Stephen combines his love of textiles with his desire to be home and raise his children in a rural environment. Living on a farm in nelson County, Virginia, with his wife, Simona, Stephen's days are filled with weaving tallitot and growing organic gardens.

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PO Box 154    Nellysford, Virginia   22958    434.996.3842

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