Tallit by Stephen Shaffer
Peasant Weaver



strength                           judgement

discipline                          holding back

limits                                 power

boundaries                        holding back

Shabbat                             Shechina

Gevurah is the aspect of God that held strong light back so that the world could exist. Gevurah provides restraint, control, mastery, limits, discipline and boundaries, when it is necessary. It empowers us to say no and stand up to what destroys good. Gevurah can direct spiritual energy into a defined shape so it can take form and be manifested in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

When spiriitual masters prayed from their inner depths they called upon the power and resolve of Gevura. Wrap yourself in the light of Gevurah to ebody the strength and discipline necessary to find your spiritual power and manifest goodness.

"Gevurah has the ability to crystalize dreams, to turn greatness of spirit into realized acoomplishments." (Rav Kook)


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