Tallit by Stephen Shaffer
Peasant Weaver

These tallitot are created using only traditional handweaving techniques.

Based on the Kabbalistic teachings of Isaac ben Luria, the "Ari", these tallitot bring out the essence of each Sephira on the Tree of Life through color.

Each is woven with kavannah and prayer at the loom, infusing the tallit with the quality and essence of its sephira.

I use a blend of cotton, silk and rayon to achieve a soft flowing and embracing curtain between the inner world of prayer and the world surrounding the individual.

Designed with the feminine in mind, they are a wonderful blessing for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and men and women of all ages.

Let the outside world slip away as you enter the private inner world of prayer.






Blending color, texture,
and fiber into a vibrant tallit
that envelopes you as you pray.

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Nellysford, Virginia 22958
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