Tallit by Stephen Shaffer
Peasant Weaver



vacated space                           being a vessel

completion                                the feminine

inner core                                  messiah

recieving                                   faith, even in darkness

Shabbat                                     Shechina

Malchut is the aspect of God that is most present and manifested in this world; God in everything we touch and see and do. Malchut is the ultimate receptive, a vessel into which everything pours and out of which everything arises. It is also the hidden and the dark. Like the moon, it has no light of its own, but receives its light and qualities from the other sephirot. It is a receiving that transforms and gives back what it receives. Malchut unifies and holds all the sephirot together. It is a completion of the world in its perfection and an understanding of our purpose in life.

Wrap yourself in the light of Shechinah and feel the Divine Presence in your every action when you wear the blue Tallit of Malchut.

"In all your ways, know God "(Proverbs 3:6)


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